Teaching with Infographics

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work with my friend and colleague Donna Troka as she looked to build infographics assignments into her Interdisciplinary Studies courses over the course of the last few semesters. Lately, our first attempt—a part of Donna’s course Dividing Lines: Pit Bulls, Identity, and Community—has received some attention in the press. After presenting on the assignments at an event hosted by the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence at Emory in the Spring, we had the opportunity to share our experiences with using Piktochart, a free infographics-building program, at the October Digital Pedagogy Meetup, an event hosted by the Atlanta Connected Learning community. Donna and I gave a brief overview of our talk in the video embedded below.

See more about the event, including a great discussion of using maps in the classroom by Brennan Collins of Georgia State University here.

In addition, the Piktochart Team tracked us down to offer some tips about using infographics in the classroom in the summer after our first run with the assignment. You can watch the video (embedded below) or check out the post here.

Finally, Emory’s news service put together a nice piece which also includes the awesome work that Donna’s students put together this spring for local animal advocacy group Lifeline Animal Project.  You can see that piece here, and the infographics below (click for full size). Is anyone else out there using, or considering assigning, infographics in the classroom?